Lake Mungo Dunes

 Southern California

Mangroves #1

Mangroves #2

Moonrise  South East Coast Iceland

Moonrise Eyrarbakki Iceland

Breidafjordur Bay Iceland


Figures in the landscape Highlands Iceland

Figures in the landscape Skaftafell National Park Iceland



Boundaries ( Detail)


33 Degrees South 151 degrees East 

Rhythm Sticks 8

Rhythm Sticks 7

Rhythm Sticks 6 

Rhythm Sticks - series

Rhythm Sticks Series 2009 - 1 to 4

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Beside the Seaside
This is a site specific piece created for an exhibition at Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach.



Tourists in the Mist 1 - Milford Sound

Dunvegen - Nocturne

Lake Morris 2 - Nocturne - Queensland

Lake Morris 3 - Queensland

Lake Morris 4 - Queensland

Lake Morris 5 - Queensland

Nelson Beach - Jervis Bay

What's a Nice Bouy like You Doing in a Place Like This?

Narrawallee Beach

Reflections - Cooks River Valley

It's a Bird! - Cooks River Valley


These panels are made in a similar manner to my 'stick' assemblages but using matchsticks instead or twigs or wattle. I call them 'Once Upon a Matchstick'. The first Picture is shown full size. The group of four are details from other assemblages of the series.

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I call this work - 33 degrees South, 151 degrees East. The name refers to the approximate geographical location of the area on the Cooks River from where the 'sticks' used in this assemblage came from. The 'sticks' for this type of work invariably come from places that are of special significance to me. Cooks River is close to where I live and I walk regularly along its banks.

The work is made up of four wooden panels of approximately 30cm x 15cm. The 'sticks' are eucalyptus twigs and wattle that were collected on my river walks

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I had my first solo show.

I began a series of paintings based on my stick assemblages.
I called them ‘Rhythm Sticks’, because to me, they resembled a soundwave.

I began a series of landscape paintings.
I called them 'As Far as the Eye Can See'.

I began to experiment with small landscape canvases which I placed side by side.
Sometimes I would use a single layer of paint, sometimes two.


I visited the Blue Mountains in 2003. I walked everyday and gathered leaves and sticks.
I had no idea what I would do with these but at the end of each day I bagged my collections and labelled them.
Back in my studio I created assemblages out of what I had collected.


In 1999 I went on a seven month road trip around Australia.
I was inspired by the vivid colours of the desert landscapes, the seascapes and the wet tropics of the North.
I chose to express my experience by weaving canvas paper as I felt a deep connection with the land I had travelled through.